People often ask “Is there really a good, safe and reliable way to make money on the internet?”. What is with all those “My mom makes $$$ every month!” ads? Are there real cases or it is always some kind of scam? I did some research in order to bring you some solid ways to earn an extra income on the internet. Remember that I’m not promising that you will get rich, nor that it will be easy. But one thing is for sure, the methods below are definitely feasible and many people are putting them into practice successfully every day.

#5 Online Tutoring

If you are good at teaching people (but not necessarily a teacher) and can help them with guidance and knowledge, this might be a good fit for you. You can use your qualification to teach online with different kinds of teaching jobs. Being a tutor online might not only give you the opportunity to make money doing what you love and is good at, but also make new contacts and open up professional possibilities around the world.

You can do that on your own, looking for people online who needs help, or you can go after some Online Tutoring websites that are specialized on that kind of job. They offer the essential aid for your teaching through web-based software and other tools to take care of that for you. You can see that as a source for extra income, but eventually make a living from that. For a good list of tutoring services, check the references below.

[Elance 360] [My Magic Fundas]

#4 Selling Your Stuff On eBay

Selling on eBay is a very interesting way to get rid of your stuff and still get some cash from it. You can also resell things from contract sellers through referrals and affiliate programs. It is also possible to sell things you make yourself, like jewelry, clothes, hats and stuff like that. Just remember to do your market research before selling anything. The way you present the product also helps a lot, so watch carefully on the details.

You can also create good relationships with other sellers to help each other. What is most interesting about eBay is the great variety of things that can be bought and sold there. If you prefer, depending on what you want to sell, you can also try alternatives, like Alibaba, Etsy and the well-known Amazon. The links below should give you a good start for selling through eBay.

[PC Advisor] [I Will Teach You To Be Rich] [The Everygirl]

#3 Blogging

Creating a blog seems like a common thing on the internet nowadays, and with good reasons. Using a blog is a good way to target a niche and share things in common to nurture a good relationship with people. You need to build some engaging content to reach and offer to that niche which aren’t well serviced for certain things at the moment. Nowadays, instead of just relying on “Ads, Ads Everywhere!”, it is far more reliable and effective to deliver good content and ask something in exchange, and I’m not talking about money yet. It can be sharing your page, sending it to their friends and spread the word about your blog.

So find your niche and offer something special to them. Over time, people will notice that you know what you’re talking about, and you start building authority and trust with them and upcoming visitors. As soon as you build a strong community, you might be able to offer different kinds of special content (free or not) to help people with their problems. This might range from a simple eBook to courses and webinars with audio and/or video. There are many details about making money with blogs (I’m not there yet…) including Marketing, SEO and Traffic, but I won’t talk about them here. Please check the links below for more information.

[Website Setup] [Entrepreneurs-Journey]

#2 Selling Your Skills On The Internet

Working as a freelancer can give you the freedom to work the way you like, whenever and wherever you want. There are several freelancing platforms dedicated to provide you the essential to find opportunities and get in touch with clients. You just need to subscribe, give as much of your professional information as possible through your profile and search for open job offers. You must be good at something that you can offer as a paid service, like writing, programming, design to mention a few.

The only problem I see on most of these sites is that you have to compete with other people through a bid system. This may lead to a business more focused on price, instead of value. But building your reputation, showing some of your work and improving your portfolio will definitely increase your chances there. If there is one great think to take from these websites is to use them as a valuable opportunities for long term relationship with good clients. They will become aware of your expertise and make you a top priority for their needs.

[Freelance Parents] [Entrepreneur]

#1 Affiliate Marketing

This is possibly the most common (I’m not saying easy) way to make money on the internet today. The way it works is basically this: You sell someone else’s stuff as an affiliate by referring their sales website and get paid from part of the purchase as a commission. Usually you can do this through a blog/website using what is called a squeeze page: a simple web page that presents the product being offered, along with some bonuses in exchange for a contact info of the visitor for further engagement and eventually a close.

It sounds simple, but you need to choose something that you are familiar with. Besides, you also need to understand the market you are targeting, how to get traffic and capture leads, build your list, present the offer and get as much interested people as you can. Nowadays there are many people making a lot of money online through affiliate marketing. If you do it right, you can get your chances on that too. Check the references below for more details.

[ListsAndYou] [Forbes] [Good Deal Reviews]

If you really want to make good money online, I personally recommend these two books: “Launch” by Jeff Walker and “Ask” by Ryan Levesque. No, I didn’t get rich after reading them, but I highly recommend you to learn a couple of things about marketing, how to offer and sell a great product and make a living with that. The methods they present require a lot of time, work and commitment. But eventually, if you persevere, the rewards will be really satisfying in the end.

Good luck!

photo credit: Money And Case via Public Domain Pictures