Here is a list of great amusement parks I found interesting. I decided to diversify geographically, instead of bringing the best ones (most are in the United States). They may not be as exciting and scary as the Jurassic World, but are definitely a lot of fun.

#5 Beto Carrero World (Latin America – Brazil)

5 amusement parks beto carreroThe biggest theme park in Latin America and one of the most popular places in Brazil. The park offers for all ages a wide variety of attractions and events, including helicopter and aqua rides, zoo tours, themed theatres, stunt circus shows and much more.

It will be necessarily at least two days to visit every one of them. Beto Carrero World was founded in 1991 and got more than 1.5 million attendees the last year.

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photo credit: Beto Carrero World (Armação- SC / Brasil) via photopin (license)

#4 Universal Studios (Asia – Japan)

4 amusement parks universal studios japanIt started operating in 2001, this theme park has different kinds of entertainment involving several movie themed rides, processions, toys and areas that will make you fell inside a movie and have a great experience. There you can explore and wander around the places from your favorite series and characters.

Among its themed attractions are Jurassic Park, Sesame Street, Water World, Land of Oz and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It gets attendees all around the world, but mostly from near Asian countries, receiving more than 10 million visitors per year.

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photo credit: Jpop girl band with Hello Kitty. via photopin (license)

#3 Canada’s Wonderland (Canada – Ontario)

3 amusement parks canadas wonderlandIt is the largest theme park in Canada, and it was opened in 1981. With a lot of toys, including Ferris wheels, water rides and roller coasters, including the great Leviathan, the extreme fun is guaranteed in this place. For something more cool and slow-paced, it presents excellent food areas, accommodation and beautiful views.

It also offers several themed areas, like Planet Snoopy and even special themes on different seasons. The park received more than 3.5 million visitors last year. Definitely a great place to take the whole family.

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photo credit: Canadas Wonderland via photopin (license)

#2 Walt Disney World (North America – Florida)

2 amusement parks walt disney worldThis one definitely couldn’t be out of this list. Visiting this magical place is like a kid’s dream coming true. Some of its main attractions are The Magic Kingdom, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean. Events include safaris, expeditions and themed festivals, shows and parades.

You can take a trip and meet not only Mickey and his friends, but also several characters from the vast number of Disney movies. This place is huge and you will easily get lost and fascinated with so much to explore and discover.

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photo credit: Walt Disney World via morguefile

#1 Europa-Park (Europe – Germany)

1 amusement parks europa parkEuropa-Park is considered one of the world’s leading theme parks and the largest one in Germany, reaching millions of attendees every year. It provides hours and hours of pure and intense fun for the whole family. The attractions include playgrounds, jungle and aqua rides, roller coasters, a whole variety of electronic games and toys, stage spectacles and even a Cinema 4D.

The kids will love the different kinds of fantasy themes to explore and engage, not to mention the special season themes and events. Every area on different locations of the park seems like a special country with its own life style and culture. Considered a reference of entertainment on Europe, it receives visitors all over the world.

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photo credit: Europa-Park via pixabay

How about you? Do you have your preferences not presented here? If you have great experiences and would like to share, please leave on the comments below.