If you are one of those people that never learned how to cook, and always wanted to make something besides noodles, then this article might be right for you. The idea is to start preparing food by following simple recipes and getting practical. Eventually you can move to something more sophisticated as you feel more confident. The websites below won’t turn you into a MacGyver in the kitchen, but will definitely serve as a good start.

#5 Epicurious

Epicurious is one of the most popular websites for recipes around. It also brings a good collection of guides, articles and videos and even a special section just for quick and easy recipes. You can also learn more by interacting with its community and through social media, speak with other users and even share recipes.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to receive up to date information and special recipes for everyday meals. There is also an app and cookbook for different systems, containing thousands of recipes and extra features, providing easily accessible information anywhere you go.


#4 The Recipe Link

One of the oldest websites about food and cooking on the web, it has a very simple interface that is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. It contains thousands of recipes, from conventional to more special family meeting meals. The Daily Menus section provide direct access to several options for every day meals, on different meal time and taste categories.

The recipes are very straightforward and easy to follow. They also offer special menu recipes for extraordinary events and occasions. Its calendar is very useful for a seasonal cooking plan and schedule.

[The Recipe Link]

#3 Food Pair

This website comes with a wide variety of food pairing recipes, ranging to several categories of meals and desserts. It attends to different tastes and for people with different levels of cooking skills, ranging from the most simple dishes that you can prepare quickly with what you have available to more sophisticated recipes for more special occasions.

After subscribing, you can save your own recipes and build your favorite list to view later when necessary or share with friends and family. Its advanced search allows you to find specific recipes filtered by diet, number of ingredients and even other sites.

[Food Pair]

#2 Allrecipes.com

If you are looking for a website with a plethora of shared recipes from people around the world, Allrecipes.com is the place to be. It has the most visited cooking community on the internet and you just need to register to make use of its full potential. Some of its features include search, sharing, voting and saving recipes, post reviews and contact with other users directly through its social network.

You can also subscribe to their magazine for extra and exclusive content and ideas. The video section is categorized and provides step-by-step instruction videos to prepare a whole diversity of dishes.


#1 YouTube

I think there is no better way to learn how to cook than seeing someone doing the whole thing in front of you. You can find lots of good channels on YouTube to learn how to cook, some of them created by very renowned chefs. If you are more into Barbecue, you can check BarbecueWeb. For something more humorous and show-like, take a look at Hilah Cooking. You may want to go with Indian or even Japanese food, but if you prefer something less restrictive and have more options, visit the Jamie Oliver and Everyday Food channels for a vast content for recipes and lots of new stuff every week.

The list could go on and one. Just do your research to find something that really fits your needs for both learning and entertainment. Remember to subscribe to these channels to be informed about new content and also to suport them. You can check for more interesting channels on the links below.

[Tastemade] [Laura in the Kitchen] [Cooking With Jack] [Food Wishes] [ChefSteps]

The internet today is a vast source to learn anything, and is no different when it comes to cooking. Learning how to cook is not just for the sake of preparing something to eat, it should also be a really enjoyable activity, that you have fun doing it. So start today, make your choice and let’s go cooking!

photo credit: Flickr