Throughout history, our world was filled with secrets and mysteries, many of them remain unsolved despite years of study. There is a limit of how much we can explain something with science alone, and many secrets from these events and artifacts were lost through time, some of them impossible to be discovered in any way. Here I present some well-know mysteries of our history that still eluding our curiosity today.

#5 The Hum

The Hum is a very intriguing sound that is perceived in different parts of the world, but no one knows where it comes from. It is a low-pitched sound that can be heard especially in the USA and UK. It was first reported in the late 50s in Britain, when people said to be hearing what sounded like a diesel engine from very far away. This mysterious sound can also be heard from different places around the world, like Scotland and New Zealand, and it is said that only about 2% of people can hear it in these affected areas.

Some scientists and audiologists volunteered to study and analyze the phenomena, and many hypothesis tried to justify and explain the whole mystery. Some said it comes from transmission towers, seismic movements and even alien communication. On recent hypothesis from French scientists consider the activity of ocean waves and sea currents as the possible cause of the sound, or that it is somehow related to it. Further investigations are necessarily for a more reasonable explanation for the source and nature of this phenomena.

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#4 Bermuda Triangle

Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, The Bermuda Triangle was always a source of much controversy and misinformation. It involves the disappearance of hundreds of people along with dozens of ships and planes under unexplained circumstances. What is so intriguing is the lack of traces from these incidents, with no signs of debris or wreckage. There is also the disturbing absence of emergency calls an other ways of contact attempts in many of these cases, especially for ships during the war.

Some hypothesis are in favor of something more rational and merely accidental in consequence of human error, bad weather and other natural causes. Others are more controversial, including multidimensional portals, gravitational anomalies and extraterrestrial abduction. The thing is, this subject always brought more focus on sensationalism than the actual facts, which caused it lose its credibility over the years. Many of the reported incidents may be exaggerated in numbers and extraordinary causes, but it remains as a fascinating topic for the unexplained mysteries.

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#3 Shroud of Turin

A relic that has brought decades of debate over the image of a man who apparently died of crucifixion and whether he was really Jesus Christ. Many things correlate to the Gospels, like blood stains, localized wounds and pierced wrists. Its appearance was first documented in 1353 and since then it was transferred to a few places and even survived a fire in 1532. Based on the structure of the cloth fibers alone, it is hard to determine as authentic or a simple forgery from medieval times.

The Vatican finally authorized further analysis of the shroud in 1969 by scientists for its dating and composition details. Some carbon dating methods were performed, indicating its origin between 1260 and 1390, which didn’t match as expected with the event of the resurrection of Christ. While some agree with the results, others oppose to it by alleging that repaired parts of the clothes compromised the method readings. The artifact still holds a lot of controversy and discussion among skeptics and believers, and is very unlikely that the riddle of the shroud may be fully solved one day.

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#2 Stonehenge

This great structure of high historical value always fascinated researchers with its appealing secrets, hiding some compelling details about ancient practices. The way these massive stones were moved from long distances still unknown, considering a weight that varies from 4 to 25 tons, such feat seems impractical for earlier civilizations. It construction might be easily dated from around 5 thousand years ago, and discoveries suggest it was submitted to constant changes for many of these years.

No one is sure about its real purpose, but it correlates to a few hypothesis. Some consider it as a religious and sacred place, while others associate the ancient site with aspects of astronomy, as being used for agricultural season predictions or alignment references with the orbit of the planets. It is also perceived as a place for pilgrimage and search for miracle healing. Researches provide some vestiges that indicate a practice of rituals and its use as a burial site. Stonehenge seems like a conundrum that doesn’t want to be solved.

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#1 Wow! Signal

This was a radio signal detected on a SETI project by a telescope signal on August 15, 1977 and lasted for 72 seconds. The event was noticed and followed by Jerry Ehman as a strong signal, whose measurements spike grabbed his attention as he signed “Wow!” with a red pen on the computer printout with the readings, giving the incident its name. The source was detected as somewhere around Sagittarius constellation. Despite all the efforts, not much was discovered about the signal since then.

What makes this signal so special is its uniqueness both in terms of intensity, duration and narrow band used for transmission, as if someone really wanted to send a message. It also requires a powerful transmitter, and thus an advanced technology to operate, distinguishing it even more from a mere coincidence. It is like a message from our neighbors waiting to be deciphered and interpreted. Many consider the Wow! Signal one of the great pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life, which remains an enigma to this day.

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These and other riddles of our history will remain unsolvable for decades and even centuries to come. As far as technology and science advances, how many of these truths will we still be able unveil? If you want something to add, please leave on the comments below.

photo credit: Stonehenge5 via flickr