Watching TV series is a great way to enjoy some good time with your loved ones. All of the shows listed here are finished, some from a long time ago, so you don’t have to wait anxiously for next season to come. They can easily be found to watch on physical media (DVD or Blu-ray) or digital services (cable TV, Hulu and Netflix).

#5 Friends

finished tv series you should watch friendsA comedy show about a group of young friends going through their adult lives and sharing their experiences. They presented intriguing and stories that were relatable in many aspects to a huge audience, becoming one of the most successful TV shows ever produced. The importance of its presentation and execution extended from the terrific acting of the cast to the production and writing of the episodes.

The impact it left for a whole generation is remarkable. The huge success of Friends is reflected on its nurturing and acceptance of the general public and fans to this day, which is outstanding. Friends had a decade-long run, airing for 10 seasons on NBC, reaching its end in 2004 with a total of 236 episodes. The series collects a huge number of awards and nominations, many from the cast itself. You can watch friends on Netflix.

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#4 The Twilight Zone

finished tv series you should watch the twilight zoneThis amazing masterpiece by Rod Serling would eventually become a reference for other series of the genre to come. With fascinating storytelling, The Twilight Zone would immerse us into the various facets of realities and show us many of the curious and terrifying aspects of human life. In completion with fiction, drama, suspense and psychological stories, this show presented a whole new level of creepy and dark imagination involved with its characters. It was definitely a TV series ahead of its time.

The original series aired on CBS from 1959 to 1964, won awards and had two revivals decades later, turning its creator into one of the most renowned and recognized figures of Hollywood at the time. His work served as an inspiration for many productions on different medias, like video games, books and music. You can watch The Twilight Zone on Netflix and Hulu.

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#3 Seinfeld

finished tv series you should watch seinfeldSeinfeld seems like an ordinary series showing the lives of normal people, but the way how the stories were told in a brilliant and comic fashion is what makes this show so special. Serving as a model for future comedy shows, Seinfeld presented a mix of adult situations and subjects seemingly insignificant and turned them into a genuine and effective way of making comedy.

The show ran on NBC for nine seasons until 1998, finishing with a total of 180 episodes. The work of Jerry Seinfeld is considered a top notch comedy show, thanks to his creative and the help of his partners. They were able to provide engaging and ingenious scripts for the episodes without losing the glory during its lifetime. It won several awards, including one Emmy and one Golden Globe. Seinfeld can be watched through cable on TBS.

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#2 The Sopranos

finished tv series you should watch the sopranosThis HBO show gave James Gandolfini an opportunity to deliver a terrific performance with the role of Tony Soprano. As a man divided between two families, he is constantly defied by the regular difficulties of his life and adversities of his role as a family father and notorious mobster of a New Jersey-based mafia. In a world involved with criminal and relationship with people, The Sopranos brought back the experiences of the living mafia, since it was covered by movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas. It finished with great style with a dubious and thought provocative ending for a series finale.

For many it is considered a true gem and the best drama show of all time. Ranging from an act of treason and disrespect to a visit of Tony to his therapist to discuss his problems, The Sopranos offered many twisting angles of confrontation, betrayal and resignation in the face of a dangerous and yet fulfilling life. The show won many awards and great recognition from the media, influencing several shows later thanks to its outstanding concept and execution. You are able to watch The Sopranos on HBO and Amazon Prime.

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#1 Breaking Bad

finished tv series you should watch breaking badThe show tells a story of Walter White, a high school teacher who sees himself on a desperate situation when diagnose with an inoperable cancer. Along with his student and partner, he decides to turn to a life of crime of drug production, which gets them into many troubles and overturns. It was aired on AMC and ran for 5 seasons until it ended on 2013, retaining its prestige with a total of 62 episodes. Showing a great premise, the show quickly captivated its public and turned into an addictive and perplexing crime drama.

Breaking Bad distinguishes from its incredible performance and sophisticated storytelling. It came to show how you can turn something remarkable by presenting a truly unique way of writing and presentation of a story. Much of the show’s success is thanks to the wonderful acting of Bryan Cranston, who not only gave to his character Walter White life and essence, but also turned him into something iconic and memorable on its own.

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Only these series will guarantee you hours and hours of entertainment for months. So pick those your preference, grab your popcorn and have some fun. If you have your special preference that is usually left out of lists like this, leave on the comments below so others will know about it and be interested to watch.