Here is a good list of websites where kids can have a lot of fun and learn at the same time.


Available since 2002, this website offers a wide array of mini games on teaching reading for kids to play, with a completely free content that doesn’t require any registration. The reading games involve both systematic phonics approach and phonemic awareness practice to improve and master words phonetically, covering from ABC’s to introductory learning. It is suited from pre-K to 2nd grades, and also offer its content through history telling, comics and reading plays.

It works as a tool to integrate and support the school curriculum, where the kid can follow his/her own learning place and progress through the modules in the proper grade. This definitely helps on introducing and forming reading to the young ones, and parents can play along and help with the teaching. It also offers download material to follow ‘offline’ when away from a computer, allowing a better interaction with other kids.

[Starfall] [] [New Kids Center]


Funbrain offers several books, comics and games, covering a wide range of educational and practical subjects. The target audience ranges from preschoolers to 8th graders, with proper content for each level. The interactive games are pretty basic and target the learning of proper skills for the module. Grammar and Math games are some common examples, but there are also science and reading and literacy applications as well.

Kids will love to navigate and discover new things on the vast material the website contains, so it is expected to keep it bookmarked for future visits. The site presents an appealing content with beautiful and fun graphics for the kids, and also serves as a healthy didactic distraction parents can trust. The children can navigate and explore new and interesting stuff in the Funbrain environment.

[Funbrain] [MomJunction] [Today’s Parent]


A website that brings a lot of games and activities, full of fun stuff for your kids. The content is heavily focused on reading and writing, playing with words on interactive games. There are also several gaming applications for early learning of math and computer skills. Its content is also of easy access and cover grades K to 5.

Children can enjoy exploring the website during their free time and learn a lot through it most of the time. ABCya is a website that is safe for kids to navigate and definitely one of the best educational places on the internet. Presenting lessons through games and apps with beautiful graphics that are easy to follow and understand, that are also available on tablets, making it more accessible and interactive.

[ABCya] [Connections Academy] []


Scratch is an MIT project with a mission to make the learning of programming more accessible and easier for both kids and adults. It presents the basics of logic and programming through animated and scripted actions, in a very intuitive and easier to follow approach, where you can create a list of actions and acquire the basic knowledge as you build your own content with animations and stories.

Kids can program their own games on the Scratch environment and share it with the world. This helps to interact with the community and improve the teaching process as you look into other people’s programs and study how they were built. The platform also brings the great benefits of coding, including design, problem-solving and creative skills. Scratch is recommended for kids from age 7 and also includes an iPad app.

[Scratch] [ChildrensMD] [Aleteia]


BrainPOP is an educational website that is available since 1999. It offers a lot of content, most of them are animated videos with the narration of fun and friendly characters. The activities there covers a lot of subjects, including English, science, math, health, art and technology. It is accessible from Pre-K to 12th grades, and there is always something new to learn and have some extra fun.

All of its content can be accessed through different subscription plans, but there is also a plenty of fun and interesting content available for free (check the link below to access it). BrainPOP is one of the most recognizable websites of the genre, collecting praise and several accolades from many renowned educational institutions. The collection of instructive material on this website is impressive, and soon you will find yourself following it with your kid and enjoying and enriching experience together.

[BrainPOP (Free Stuff)] [Tech.Co] [Today’s Parent]

Besides the ones mentioned above from text and reference links, other honorable mentions that shouldn’t be left out are PBS Kids, Cool Math Games and TVOKids. Check these out too with your kids and have fun together!

photo credit: Children at school via photopin (license)