YouTube today is definitely a great source of quality content, providing you with relevant and entertaining information, some of them very insightful and educational. The list of channels on this topic can become really long, so I decided to break my own selection in two or three parts. Here are the first five channels to look for if you want to learn something new and sometimes useful for your life.

MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth

Made by Henry Reich and his team, these sister channels offer some great scientific content through their very instructive and fun animations. MinutePhysics, as the name says, covers mostly topics involving Physics, illustrating different kinds of facts, experiments and theoretical questions using animated schemas that even kids can easily comprehend. MinuteEarth serves as a spin-off to explore more general concepts about our planet, like plants, animals, and earthly phenomena.

The videos on both channels provide good explanations for many common questions regarding science and related subjects, always in a simple and clearly illustrated fashion. The videos are short but clear enough to provide valuable answers for basic the questions, turning complex problems into simple themes that are easy to digest and understand. They also explore many theoretical questions that enable us to further research and stimulate our inner curiosity to learn even more.

[MinutePhysics] [MinuteEarth]

TED Talks

A channel that offers the vast collection of talks from TED conferences. TED is an acronym for Technology-Entertainment-Design, but it proposes much more than that through its talks, allowing great professionals all around the world to disseminate their knowledge, experiences, and views. The channel offers mostly the main lectures from the TED portal, but you can easily find more material from local TED meetings on YouTube.

The speakers from the videos are not only famous and renowned professionals from different areas, but also seemingly ordinary people that can also bring life-changing experiences and insights. You will certainly find something worth on this channel, not only for educational purposes and also a source of ideas on issues you might be facing right now. These talks can give you certain views from a particular field, inspirational lessons for life, that enlighten and inform you about subjects concerning the whole world.

[TED Talks]


A channel created by Dustin, an Alabama engineer who decided to teach through videos some fascinating scientific facts, usually followed by great experiments. His approach is similar to the MythBusters, but offering his own style and technique, sometimes involving guest to other related channels. In one recent experiment he demonstrated the Coriolis effect with the help of Derek Muller, from the Veritasium channel.

This channel proposes to use fascinating experiments to explain how the stuff from nature or ordinary things from our everyday lives work. It also provides some answers to things seemingly irrelevant that no one never bothered to ask, but that actually reveals new ways to see the world and how it sometimes functions in mysterious ways. If you never heard about this channel, go ahead and give it a try.



This is a channel that takes a simple approach and turns it into a great source of educational content. On his channel, Malkhaz Geldiashvili uses some simple animation to cleverly present a condensation of ideas of some great books he read. He not only presents successfully the main concepts in a way that is easy to grasp, but also makes it simple to revisit it and reinforce the ideas covered in those books.

The channel is a no-brainer for those who want to have an overview of a certain book covered in one of its videos, providing great insights for the readers even before they start with their own impressions and notes about the reading material. It is a great way to look into as a book retrospect and an accessible view of some great classics that everyone should read.



Vsauce is a YouTube channel that manages to answer curious and interesting questions through its content. The creator, Michael Stevens, presents a genuine and humorous approach with an explanation that is entertaining and easy to understand. The channel now has several millions of subscribers, and always brings something new that is worth to watch and learn about. It explores different topics for fields like science, technology, and philosophy, raising some questions that you as the spectator always wanted to ask.

The channel is now one of the most popular, with ingenious and in-depth researched material that makes YouTube an enriching content platform. The spin-off channels Vsauce2 and Vsauce3 cover more specific subjects, offering the same format that makes the original so engaging. Vsauce is definitely a great way to spend your time online learning new things. So go check it out.

[Vsauce] [Vsauce2] [Vsauce3]

If you’re someone really curious who always want to learn some new and fascinating things every day, then the channels listed above will come as a gift that fell from the sky, if you never heard of them before. I’m considering writing one or two more posts to cover other channels with more details as well, so stay tuned on Top 5 Post. Also, remember to subscribe to these channels and stay up to date with their content.